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Blinc eyeliner

The French Senate now in Favor of medical cannabis. Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi | May 30, 2019. The French Senate has just voted in favor of the legalization of ...

The 10 Best Mascaras for People With Sensitive Eyes

I’m currently on a plane, heading to LiveRamp’s RampUp event. For anyone who has congenital their career around marketing abstracts or adtech, but has not had the chance to appear before, I always describe it Read more…


Today is April 25th 2010. I moved to West Chester PA about 2 months ago. I was studying for my SCJP examination for the past 3 months. Pretty much working ...

The French Senate now in Favor of medical cannabis

It’s official…Blinc is here! Brie Pinnow and I have teamed up to tackle the industry’s most interesting data opportunities in the digital and TV space. Two women starting a company in today’s age is nothing Read more…

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Sep 16, 2014 ... Special thanks to Blinc by Bambi Lynn for providing backstage production and ... Guest blogger Amee Ly from Page Parkes Corp. signing out!

This video is unavailable.

Special thanks to Blinc by Bambi Lynn for providing backstage production and PR in conjunction with Gregory Triana and Sean Nutley from Blue Cashew Events. Hair and Makeup provided by Ashunta Sheriff Beauty and Milani. Nails were brought by Rose Velez-Miggins. Beautiful adornment pieces were styled and provided by Jane Hruska. Also, a warm thank you to acknowledging sponsor Original Mineral! For added photos and to see the official video on the MBFW site go here!


Hello to all you smart, savvy marketers looking for a way to help your business grow and your clients stand out… I know your heart is in the right place. You are ...

Mick Knutson's BLiNC BLoG

As as self-professed marketing and data geek, I think it is one heck of a time to be a allotment of the advertising world!  Not only are we responsible for navigating and pioneering new agenda Read more…


Visit our super clean and friendly local fitness centers in NY, NJ, MI, Philly, Boston, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and L.A. We offer affordable training programs, and ...

Amazon’s new Blink XT2 smart camera is cheaper than the original

Cesar Galindo mastered another beautiful accumulating this season in The Hub at the Hudson Hotel for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! We spotted beautifully draped pieces, aqueous metallic, colorful mosaic patterns and embellished sequin, and a now signature hoodie reminiscent of his last collection. The makeup reflected beautifully lined eyes in a shade of marine blue with contrasting strawberry pink lips. The hair this season included gorgeous, intricate braids dipped with a metallic touch.


Jul 14, 2016 ... Check out the Torc Avenger T27 With Blinc Modular Motorcycle Helmet ... T27 With Blinc Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review - Cheap Modular.

Mick Knutson's BLiNC BLoG

Every now and then you get something in the mail that makes you jump up and down a bit. This week the item was a letter confirming my patent had officially been granted. I’m an Read more…

Blincyto pi

Apr 29, 2019 ... However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an ... The holy grail of tubing mascaras, Blinc is the answer if you've never, ... Allow a flock of glowing Reddit reviews to introduce this affordable choice.

Torc Avenger T27 With Blinc Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review - Cheap Modular

Hello to all you smart, savvy marketers looking for a way to help your business grow and your clients stand out… I know your affection is in the right place. You are excited about the Read more…

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